It’s me. Maggie.

503.381.0550. @maggiedieringer.

9. let’s go.

1. PR/AD grad from the University of Oregon.

2. Dance. I love competitions, performances, So You Think You Can Dance, Dance magazine, leotards, tights, nike high tops,choreographing coaching – the whole shebang.

3. Chips. I’m all about chips.

4. RPA. I’m an account management intern at RPA.

5. French. I hope to live in France someday for at least a year. In second and third grade, I attended a French immersion school in Portland.

6. Music. It has the power to turn a bad day around, emit nostalgia, make you cry and most importantly…makes you wanna dance.

7. Family. I have two older brothers–Chris and Nick–successful, fun, weird and intriguing humans. My parents–pretty much the kind of people I think I would have hung out with had I been born 35 years ago.

8. ACL. I tore it playing city league basketball in HS. Yes, city league basketball. Translation: a joke. Everything happens for a reason.  Good things came out of this seemingly life-damaging event. I’m always trying to stay positive about it. If you need a rec for a physical therapist in the Portland Metro area, hit me up!

9. A few things I enjoy…

  • Pinning photos on Pinterest (truly an addiction)
  • Working on my scrapbook
  • Reading ad blogs
  • Snapping pictures with my Canon EOS 20D SLR
  • Perusing through fashion blogs
  • Boating (when the sun decides to come out)
  • Concerts

2 responses to “It’s me. Maggie.

  1. you’re still my baby girl

  2. Thanks for mentioning me and my Pinterest account in your blog post.

    Chad Syme

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