Steelhead and pizza.

The University of Oregon ad department had a visitor today: Steelhead Advertising‘s executive director, Joel Marshall. Some of us had the chance to sit down with him for lunch today and chat about planning, advertising, branding, client relations–the works. His enthusiasm for what he does was inspiring and I’d like to share a few “snippets” of our conversation and some of his advice I found most interesting.

  • It is essential to establish a relationship with the client based on love and trust. If they like you and feel like they can trust you during a pitch, they are more likely to hire you.
  • Begin developing this trust and put ideas into the clients head BEFORE the pitch. If you develop this relationship, the rest will just be “procedure.”
  • Insight planning: insight is the art of research.
  • Ask emotive questions. What do you feel? What do you think? This emotive connection is all you have to separate yourself.
  • You can’t talk about a specific product without talking about the brand.
  • Show them [the client, the creatives, anyone you’re trying to inspire], don’t tell them.
  • Work with brands you believe in.
  • Creatives are like otters; they just want to play.
  • Fear is creativity’s greatest enemy.

Here is a product introduction ad the awesome creatives at Steelhead created for the Mackie DL1608 mixer with wireless iPad control.

Thank you, Joel for taking time to sit down and share your insight!


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