A Very Thrifty Room.

For most people, after freshman year is over, it is normal to have your own room for the rest of college. For me, this is a privilege. As much as I loved living in my sorority house and sharing a room, it seems pretty unreal to finally have my own space. I chose to live in the house for two years, and as the president, was required to fall term as well. I spent a good chunk of winter  break planning out the decor for my new room, and am very happy with how it turned out.

The quality of these photos decreased significantly in the transfer from my phone to my computer, but for now they’re the best I can do.

I saw a headboard that I really liked on pinterest, and decided I would love to replicate it. My dad is very handy, and just happened to have the perfect amount of tique wood to create this for me. He’s very talented, in my opinion. The bedspread and decorative pillows are from TJ Maxx Home Goods.

I found this beautiful, practical dresser this summer at a garage sale for $30. I especially love the side door that has hanging space in it for all of my sweaters. Because my sweaters hang in here now, I am able–for the first time in my life–to have space in my closet to hang ALL of the shirts I want to. The wire dresses on top hold my necklaces and earrings.

I received this desk for Christmas and it couldn’t fit my room more perfectly. My parents bought it from a long time family friend and I had actually looked at one like this at an antique store. Guess what color it used to be before Dad painted it? BRICK RED! The crystal-like handles match the hooks on the back of my door, my bedside table lamp, and the small decorative vase on the desk.

Again, this pictures isn’t great quality, but the shelving came with the desk pictured above. I purchased my bedside table (which used to be bright blue/pink polka dotted) with the antique mirror pictured on my desk  for $12 at a garage sale. I sanded down the table to get the antique look and purchased this beautiful knob from Anthropologie. They have the cutest handles/knobs!

Sticking with the Paris theme I’ve always had was the easiest thing to do. Painting: $60 @ target. Bench: it used to be my mom’s hope chest–I repainted it to match my room and purchased the cushion @ pier1. Blue piece: pier1.

I used these hooks from pier 1 as a scarf holder. To the bottom left is a small brown storage seat with a french-themed decorative trey on top. I store hair supplies in the brown seat and random items that need a place to hang out for the day before I find time to put them away :-).

I wish I better pictures, but I am still very excited to finally have my own space. It is a comfortable place for me to hang out, take a breath and relax, which I had absolutely no time to do last term. And it feels great!


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