Conscious consumerism.

Nonprofit organizations have always drawn me in through storytelling and emotional connections. I have worked for two nonprofit organizations locally, and I think it is so important for everyone to be aware of issues that nonprofits attempt to address.

As I work on my creative strategist project, “pay it forward,” I have come across some amazing pro bono projects that people all over the country are working on. Throughout my research process, I found this blog post about holiday gift programs that benefit nonprofits, and thought I would share it in the spirit of the giving season. These 11 programs are allowing consumers to consciously help make the world a better place. My personal favorite is number three: CARE packages.

The visual layout of the website makes it easy to actually drag and place items into a box and you can choose what cause is most important to you in addition to the areas within that cause that interest you the most. It is easy to talk the talk and act like you care, but there is no legitimacy behind your words if you don’t follow through. This year has been a financial whirlwind for my family and Christmas will be about being together, not getting presents. Instead, I have chosen to send this link to my parents and brothers and ask that we each exchange one gift and we each donate a personally feasible amount to one of these programs. Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself this year. Not only will donating help someone in need, but it will bring a sense of peace during the hectic holiday season knowing that you changed someone’s life.


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