Loyalty is so much more than a value one claims to hold. It’s a commitment and a lifestyle choice. I was reminded of what this word truly means after the ducks lost to USC last night. I’m not one to talk much about sports on social media, but I’m thinking a little bigger than an unfortunate loss. As I scrolled through my twitter feed, trudging through the puddles in my rain boots, I saw a plethora of negative and derogatory comments–from people who claim to be avid duck fans. People who are supposed to be loyal, through the good times and the bad.

It’s the same concept as brand loyalty, and the comments I read were worse than the mac guy buying a PC. In the end, it came down to people hopping on the bandwagon and negatively ranting without purpose. And this is something that happens outside of duck football every single day. Loyalty means having faith and giving support in times of need or loss. Like this girl.

If you love a brand, you’ll love it even after they make a mistake. And if you’re a true duck fan, you’ll be a duck fan after we lose to USC.


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