My New Best Friend.

I’ve found a new friend. Yeah, it can’t chat with me or sit down over a cup of coffee, but it sure has kept me occupied for extended periods of time. And we’re going to be attached at the hip winter term. (No, not you, Coleman).

It’s the Ad-Ology marketing forecast smartphone application. Yeah, I don’t have friends.

This application has multiple facets that allow for an extremely user-friendly and informative experience. I see the app as having seven “parent” categories–advertising, brand marketing, consumer, current buzz, digital, small business and videos. These single parents have each birthed three babies: tweets, forecasts and news The app is designed for strategic advertisers and marketers, and it is constantly providing forward-looking insights.

Five reasons I think you should download this app:

1. It is easy to navigate.

2. It is informative.

3. It offers an easily accessible, centralized collection of a wide array of relevant industry insights.

4. It is important to stay constantly up to date on market trends no matter what your title is.

5. Because I like sharing my friends.


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