For Funsies

Plan B rounds up the top 11 most ridiculous advertising job titles. Hilarious.

11. Interactive Evangelist: Despite what you may think, this isn’t the word of God you’re preaching.

10. Social Media Ninja: If we can see you, you must be a pretty terrible ninja.

9. Innovator-at-Large: Overcompensating for something, buddy?

8. Chief Creative Insurgent: Marketing ain’t the armed forces, chief.

7. Brand Champion: You know you have to win something to call yourself a “champion,” right?

6. Chief Blogging Officer: Odd, since you probably report to a “Junior Copywriter.”

5. Global Chief Growth Officer: A long-winded title and a six-figure paycheck does not an actual job make.

4. Brand Strategy Guru: We can picture you now – sitting in a lotus position and doling out insights that barely make sense.

3. Director of Emerging Media: Why not “Media Midwife?”

2. Web Alchemist: No matter how hard you try, pixels and HTML aren’t going to turn into gold.

Personal Favorite: Social Media Ninja.


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