As I’ve been reviewing fellow #UOcreativestrat blogs today, I have come to find that multiple people have stated that they’re “not good at drawing,” or they’re “scared of designing” in various ways. Although I was on the same page before this term, I have chosen to have a different outlook and have come up with a better way of expressing these feelings.

Let’s try “drawing doesn’t come naturally for me” or “design skills weren’t written into my genetic DNA.” If you were good at everything all the time, life would be boring. Some things just come naturally to some people. Like Jakob with dance. Frickin’ unreal. Yeah, maybe he stretched a little on the way to get that crazy extension, but he definitely got some dancin’ genes passed down to him.

Instead of looking at the negatives, let’s look at the positives. What are you good at? If anything, this class should be encouraging us “non-creatives” to be extremely creative in ways you never thought you could be.

If you are naturally good at life, you are lucky. But if you come up and tell me that, I’ll probably fight you until you admit you’re lying.


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