Innovatively Innovating through Innovation.

Innovation is key. Be innovative. You are all innovators. Let’s all innovate!

But what does it mean? It means a renewal or change of existing products, services, technologies or ideas for the better–technically. Simple, right? It should be. Yet, it’s starting to feel a little “facebookey.” Its significant overuse is causing me a bit of distress, although I agree that the concept is vital, especially for our generation. I looked to  David Armano, the ultimate expert and EVP of Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman Digital. He discusses the idea of innovating in spite of innovation, which I find intriguing. The idea of “incremental innovation” is key, because he finds that smaller innovations which are not “designed to dramatically transform” still have the ability to get people where they want to go. Although I agree with this concept, it almost seems like an oxymoron. Innovation signifies a visible or tangible change, so how could such small-scale tasks be classified as innovation?

We are constantly being encouraged to do this, find that, experience this or create that because it will make us “better.” I agree, it will. But we have to remember why we are doing these things, and we have to remember that the small things do matter. Or else we will get caught up in the wordiness of the advice we receive on a daily basis. If we are continually told, “be innovative,” well, crap…be innovative. But understand why the heck you’re doing it, what it means and where it comes from.

“Culture is more important than technology when it comes to innovation.”-David Armano


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