Currently embodying photo.jpg. Feeling standard and a bit boring.

I’m exhausted, worn out, ripped apart, torn, distraught…

…repetitive (see above). And it’s week 4.

So where do I turn? To my peers. To their blogs. To their passions, their fears and their advice. And it helps.

Thank you, Nick, for reminding me that it’s okay to be alone sometimes. I need to work on that.

Niki, what a beautiful way to illustrate Bedbury’s advice and apply it to your life.

Chelsea, I’m feeling a pinterest moment. Passion is pertinent, and it is present in you.

Kelsey, you never cease to make me crack up with your silly antics.

Bjorn, me too!

The banana and water via camelbak will hopefully get me a little closer to opening my two idea books, but for now my peers will suffice.


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