Chevrolet’s Doin’ It.

I think Chevrolet has recently “borrowed” (stolen!) the Creative Strategist motto. The “Let’s Do This” campaign is taking a dangerous dive into some cold water. Literally.  The company launched a promotion that entailed strapping a Chevrolet sonic to a plane in addition attaching one to a bungee cord then dropping it off a 100 foot high pile of shipping containers. The campaign asks consumers to send in pictures and videos of their accomplishments, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. The person who has the most votes and badges by the end will win a Chevy sonic.

Goodby is the voice making this campaign sing, and they have found a perfect way to make consumers join the choir. All the videos and pictures are sent in with the tagline “I did this,” which is putting power in the hands of consumers…and they are loving it. Let’s be real, people like to show off. Even if it is something as stupid as working out in a grocery store, Chevrolet wants a picture of it. The “how it works” promotional video does an awesome job reaching the perfect audience and ends with the tagline “have fun out there.” The campaign reminded to remember simple things in life, and how there is so much to do and experience. So, why not? Let’s do this.


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